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                Novus Biologicals (Novus Biologicals)

                • 品牌所有商: Novus Biologicals
                • 品牌国别: 美国
                • 代表产品:  抗体   抗体  
                • 品牌简介: Novus Biologicals 美国Novus Biologicals  www.novusbio.com 美国Novus Biologicals 公司是一「家抗体专业公司,生产用于研↙究的
                • 加入时间: 2009-11-12
                品牌“Novus Biologicals”产品分类
                Novus Biologicals授权代理商及∞代理区域
                • »武汉华瑞康生物科技有限公司  (华中)进入展台  

                关于品牌Novus Biologicals (Novus Biologicals)

                Novus Biologicals

                美国Novus Biologicals  www.novusbio.com
                美国Novus Biologicals 公司是一家抗体专业公司,生产用于研究的单克隆和多克隆ω抗体。
                The mission of Novus Biologicals, Inc. is to accelerate scientific discovery by developing and marketing unique products in the forefront of science. Novus Biologicals was organized to provide the biological research community with a mechanism for commercializing unique biological materials. We also focus on continually monitoring scientific trends and supply materials to serve these trends. By making these products widely available to institutional and commercial researchers, Novus Biologicals plays an important role in furthering biological research.
                All of Novus Biologicals products are supplied with detailed technical information and ongoing support. By serving niche and emerging markets, Novus Biologicals has become specialists in markets and has formed and will continue to form ongoing partnerships with our customers.


                关于所有商Novus Biologicals (Novus Biologicals)