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                梅特勒-托利多 (Mettler-Toledo)

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                关于︼品牌梅特勒-托利多 (Mettler-Toledo)


                Brief Introduction to METTLER TOLEDO


                Experiencing a hundred years of history and reform, METTLER TOLEDO has gone across a glorious course.


                In 1901, Dr. Henry Theobald, the founder of TOLEDO, launched his first innovative store scale in the world with an automatic weight and price display and then it became the largest US manufacturer of industrial and retail scales based in Columbus, Ohio. In 1945, Dr. Erhard Mettler invented the world's first substitution principle with a single-pan balance which attracted the world’s attention. Then in 1973, METTLER grandly launched the first electronic precision balance ——PT1200 and aroused a technology revolution of balance in the world. At last in 1989, the combination of the two industry leaders was the birth of METTLER TOLEDO.


                According to the tenet of Quality, Initiative and Innovation, METTLER TOLEDO always dedicates itself to offering the precision instruments and weighing apparatus of excellent quality, as well as the comprehensive technical support services. Looking through the development of weighing and analysis technology around the world, it is not hard to find out that METTLER TOLEDO helps improve people’s working efficiency and contributes to people’s social life with the firm faith and incremental wisdom in professional fields.

                Our business


                METTLER TOLEDO laboratory instruments are used in research, scientific, drug discovery, and quality control labs, amongst many others in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetics industries. Our laboratory instruments such as high-precision electronic balances, titrators and thermal analysis apparatus have been the basic ones around the world. In fact, we are a global market leader with the three instrument groups most frequently used in the laboratory (balances, pipettes, and pH meters), and we are a pioneer in the field of Automated Chemistry.


                Our comprehensive industrial solutions cover the diverse steps in a host of manufacturing processes. Solutions range from receiving raw materials through various manufacturing processes, in-line process control and end-of-line packaging control, to logistics and shipping. Increasingly, these solutions are fully integrated into the customer's IT environment, helping automate their workflows.

                在食品零售业,我们提供的解决方案应用于进货、熟食柜台和结帐终端。梅特勒-托利多的∑ 产品可联网使用并能采集到单个货品的数据。我们的软件帮助客户定价和库存管理,并提供购买决策所需的宝贵信息。
                In food retail, our offering for the management of fresh food ranges from receiving and prepackaging, to in-store solutions for self-service departments, deli counters, and checkout terminals. METTLER TOLEDO products can all be networked and collect data at the item level. Our software assists customers with pricing and inventory management, and also provides valuable information for merchandising decisions.

                Service & support


                METTLER TOLEDO is a global manufacturer with focused innovation centers in Switzerland, Germany, USA and China, in possession of about 40 subsidiaries and sales organizations globally. In China, we established operation centers, plants and R&D labs respectively in Changzhou and Shanghai, networked all over China with over thirty branch offices and two hundred dealers. To ensure you preserve the value of your investment, we offer ServiceXXL with quick response, a unique blend of service offerings designed to suit your specific business needs. Whether your business is in a laboratory, an industrial plant, or a grocery store, METTLER TOLEDO has what you covered.

                ISO9001 Quality Management System certification & ISO14000 Environmental Management System certification

                METTLER TOLEDO Changzhou & Shanghai companies obtained the authentication of ISO9001 Quality Management System respectively in 1994 and 1998, in respect that it provided the customers with products and services of high quality and led the company management to standardization and institutionalization. In November of 2000, METTLER TOLEDO Changzhou became the first company to pass ISO14000 environmental management system certification in the weighing industry, and in 2004 to form a RoHS project team in China. Guarding against the pollution of the electronic products, the raw materials have been made best use of and the contamination was controlled to the lowest level from the origin. Regarding the environmental issues as its own responsibility, METTLER TOLEDO is committed to the environmental protection in its business activities, from its operations to the design of its products and use of its technology.

                Research & development


                As the market leader of the industry, we put more devotions to R&D than any other companies. We have increased our R&D spending by an average of more than 10% each year during the past five years. We have product R&D teams respectively in Changzhou & shanghai, China, carrying through the research and development of the technology of load cells, retail scales and analytical instruments.

                Social commonweal


                METTLER TOLEDO took the lead in founding TOLEDO Education Fund in Changzhou, China, in 1992. It donates 200,000 RMB annually to support social education, not only for the sake of assuming its corporate responsibility, but also for rewarding the care of our society.


                梅特勒-托利多 (Mettler-Toledo)代理体系


                关于所有商梅特勒-托利多 (Mettler-Toledo)

                • 公司名梅特勒-托利多
                • 英文名: METTLER TOLEDO
                • 核心产品: 衡器
                • 区域: 中国-上海-上海
                • 地址: 桂平路589号
                • 联系人: 梅特勒-托利多
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