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                艾本德eppendorf (eppendorf)


                关于品牌艾本德eppendorf (eppendorf)


                产品@ 包括移液器、分液器和离心机,以及微量离心管和移液吸头等◣耗材。此外我们还提供从事细胞显微操作的仪器和↘耗材、全自动移液系统、DNA扩增的全套仪器及生物芯片。产品主要应用于科研、商业→化的研发机构、生物技术公司和其他从事相关生物研究的领域。




                With headquarters in New York and over 200 employees, we are the largest subsidiary of Eppendorf AG (Hamburg, Germany)—world-renown manufacturer of the highest quality laboratory instruments and consumables for the life sciences. To view our company history, click here.

                To make it easy for labs in the United States to benefit from Eppendorf® quality, we provide total customer support and service: taking/tracking orders; distribution to your preferred laboratory suppliers (ThermoFisher, VWR, etc.) and direct deliveries; product installation and training; application support; calibration services; general product maintenance and repair, and more!

                Our products

                You''ll see Eppendorf products used in all types of life science research and clinical testing settings—from basic laboratory applications to highly specialized cell and molecular biology applications. They are highly regarded for their quality design and performance—beginning with extensive research and development, adding state-of-the-art technology and ending with strict quality-controlled manufacturing are what make our products stand out from the rest. It is what has made us a brand you have been able to rely on for over 60 years.

                Over the years we have improved upon and added to our flagship products—pipettes and pipette tips, centrifuges and microcentrifuge tubes—to now include the most ergonomic liquid handling devices and automated pipetting stations, the quietest centrifuges, fast and fully flexible thermal cyclers including our real-time PCR Mastercycler® ep realplex, sample-protecting deepwell plates, cell manipulation systems and microcapillaries…the list goes on and on.


                艾本德eppendorf (eppendorf)代理体系

                上海浦东新区→浦建路 76 号
                上海由由国际广场 1702-1705 室
                电话: +86 21 38560500
                传真: +86 21 38560555
                电子邮箱: market.info@eppendorf.cn
                中文网址: www.eppendorf.cn
                电话: +86 20 8375 4160
                传真: +86 20 8385 4130
                电子邮箱: market.info@eppendorf.cn
                中文网址: www.eppendorf.cn
                香港 九龙 观塘
                鸿图道 26 号威登中心 1801-05 室
                电话: +852-2505 8628
                传真: +852-2505 2378
                电子邮箱: info@eppendorf.hk
                中文网址: www.eppendorf.cn
                北京海淀区首都体育馆南路 6 号新世纪饭店写字楼 556 室
                电话: +86-10-8836 0998
                传真: +86-10-8836 0501
                电子邮箱: market.info@eppendorf.cn
                中文网址: www.eppendorf.cn

                关于所有商艾本德eppendorf (eppendorf)

                • 公司名艾本德中国Eppendorf
                • 英文名: Eppendorf China Ltd.
                • 核心产品: 实验室产品
                • 区域: 中国-上海-上海
                • 地址: 上海市徐汇区长乐路989号世纪商贸广场10楼
                • 联系人: Wendy XU
                • 电话邮件联系方式点击查看


                Eppendorf 产品广泛应用于学术科研和商业研究机构,如制药、生物技术以及Ψ化学分析和食品行业,以及临床和环境分析实验室、法医检测和进行需要过程分析、生产及质控【的工业生产实验室。